Located in the foothills of Japan’s Northern Alps is an alpine region that will take your breath away. Hakuba valley has a surrounded by rice fields just happen to have a stunning natural environment with mountains offering world class skiing as well as many other snow sports in abundant terrain.
It was in 1998 when Nagano, Japan hosted the Winter Olympics that HAKUBA VALLEY experienced worldwide fame with international sportsmen, sportswomen and many tourists visiting the region. Since that time, the ski resorts continue to welcome more and more people to enjoy winter sports in the Japanese way year after year.
High-quality powder snow is piled up across the Valley of 9 locations in the Northern Alps reaching altitudes of more than 3000m. Beginner to advanced slopes, terrain parks and banks, alpine and mogul courses, long cruise downhill with the longest being 8000m, cross country and back country touring. A place to enjoy just as one likes!

Affiliate member of “The Mountain Collective”
Eligible season pass holders from Mountain Collective resorts can also enjoy skiing and riding for less by purchasing lift tickets at 50% off for up to 5 days.
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PRICE Adult 130,000 yen, Children (6-12 years) 70,000 yen
PERIOD OF USE 2017 Season start – until 2018 season end.
For further information on the ski resort business operation, click on FAQ.
  • In order to process your application successfully, please apply online and fill in the necessary details.
    * Please note that the photo upload will not be valid if size is incorrect. See specifications below on our online system flow chart. It will also be invalid if the size of the face is too small, picture is not front facing, wearing a hat or sunglasses, the photo is black-and-white. No mobile phone photo uploads accepted.
  • The application will be completed once payment has been confirmed.
  • Settlement of payment is by PayPal only
  • We DO NOT accept cash payments. If you have further enquiries please contact our administration office via the email below.
  • After payment is confirmed, your season pass should take approximately five days to issue and it will be sent to the specified location as you selected online (see the flow chart below).
  • Please agree to the season pass terms and purchase conditions by ticking the box below.
Enquiries HAKUBA VALLEY Management Committee
Email: hvsp@hakubavalley.jp
*We apologize in advance for, we receive similar enquiries every day, and you may find your question answered on our FAQ page.
If you haven’t received a reply from us? Sometimes we just get overwhelmed with questions! We will do our best to reply to your enquiry, please allow up to 72 hours for a response to your email.
Authority Daihoku Chiiki Lift Management Committee
5713 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kita Azumi-gun, Nagano Ken, 399-9301


  1. Please complete the application form.
  2. Only upload a color photo taken within one year
    *size ID photos (120 pixel x 80 pixel), please prepare a photo JPEG format of 1.5MB or less.
  3. Upon completion of the application an Auto-Reply email will be sent.
  4. For payment by PayPal you must register & create a PayPal account.
    Transfer to PayPal account page for new account or proceed to exisitng account page & enter details.
    *PayPal user agreement fees and charges apply.
  5. Application complete.
    You will receive a confirmation email from us upon settlement of payment. Please note that we require a few days to confirm your pament.
  6. Collecting Your Season Pass
    Please collect your season pass in person, at the specified location as selected and stated in the confirmation email. Please note that it will take up to 5 days to prepare your Season Pass after payment confirmation.
    The following is compulsory to bring when collecting your Hakuba Valley Season Pass.
    Photo ID (passport or driver’s license)
    You may collect your Hakuba Valley Pass at either four locations in the Hakuba Valley.
    1. Hakuba Happo-one Snow Resort (Hakuba Happo Information Center)
    2. Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort (Hakuba Goryu Escal Plaza)
    3. Hakuba Cortina Snow Resort (at the ticket office adjacent to the Green Plaza Hotel)
    4. Kashimayari Snow Resort (at CAMP 1, ticket center on Nakatsuna Slope)

Please read below carefully and confirm before purchase.

Hakuba Rules

  • “No Skiing Zones” are areas where very dangerous avalanches are easily triggered. These areas are off limits. Violators will lose their lift privileges.
    * The Ski Patrol will occasionally enter “No Skiing Zones” to conduct safety checks and do avalanche control work.
  • Passing beyond boundary ropes, nets, and signs is strictly prohibited. We ask guests to observe all posted signs and warnings, and to follow the instructions of the Ski Patrol.
  • The mountains beyond ski area borders are National Park land, and not managed by the ski areas. Venturing outside ski area boundaries in winter is extremely dangerous.
  • Any accident outside ski area boundaries that requires the search and rescue efforts of the Ski Patrol or the Kita-Alps Northern Mountain Safety Bureau will be at the full expense of the individual(s) requiring assistance.
  • All guests must follow the instructions of Ski Patrol and other authorities both within and outside the ski area.
  • It is the responsibility of all guests to consider not only their own safety, but also the safety of others, at all times.

Terms and Conditions

  1. After purchase, no cancellation and refund will be accepted.
  2. The Passes are valid at the following 9 ski resorts;
    Jiigatake Snow Resort, Kashimayari Snow Resort, Hakuba Goryu Snow Resort, Hakuba 47 Winter Sports Park, Hakuba Happo-One Snow Resort, Hakuba Iwatake Snow Field, Tsugaike Kogen Ski Resort, Hakuba Norikura Onsen Ski Resort, Hakuba Cortina Ski Resort
  3. The Passes are valid in 2017-2018 snow season, from the opening day through to the closing day of each ski resort.
  4. The operation period of each ski resort is subject to snow conditions.
  5. An ID card with the purchaser’s name and photo will be issued upon purchase. It is valid only by the registered holder. No use is allowed by any other person regardless of any reasons. A violation of the rules will result in an immediate confiscation.
  6. Access the ticket gate with your lift pass immediately at Hakuba Goryu, HAKUBA47, Hakuba Happo-one, Hakuba Iwatake, Tsugaike, Hakuba Norikura, Cortina. For Jigatake, Kashimayari, you will need to exchange your pass for a local day pass directly at the ski resort ticket window on the day before boarding the lift.
  7. The Passes are not valid for night skiing and any other activities at ski resorts that require extra payment.
  8. In the event of loss, please contact the nearest ski resort as soon as possible. Please note that the Passes will not be reissued.

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

  • When can I use the Season Pass in 2017~2018?
    This pass is valid for use from the Winter season start of 2017 until each ski resorts' close of business until March 2018. Some ski resorts operate until early May 2018.
  • How can I purchase the Season Pass?
    You can only purchase the pass online at http://hakubavalley.com/
    Please prepare photo data in advance as you will need to upload an image to successfully complete the online purchase.
  • What is the method of payment?
    Settlement of payment is by PayPal only. For further enquiries please contact our administration office via this email: hvsp@hakubavalley.jp
    PayPal is a way to purchase goods and services online securely and is available in approximately 203 countries and regions, it supports 26 currencies.
    For further information please click on this link


Daihoku Chiiki Lift Management Committee
5713 Hokujo, Hakuba-mura, Kita Azumi-gun, Nagano Ken, 399-9301

HAKUBA VALLEY Management Committee
Email: hvsp@hakubavalley.jp